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Hindenburg Shorts Twitter: ‘Musk Holds All the Cards’

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Hindenburg Shorts Twitter: ‘Musk Holds All the Cards’


Elon Musk might agree with a short seller for once, following Hindenburg Research’s new short analysis of Twitter.

Nate Anderson’s Hindenberg, which emerged as a top short activist last year with its winning bets against a number of SPAC-related companies, said Monday that it is short shares of Twitter, which Musk is on the verge of taking over.

But Anderson isn’t joining with his fellow short sellers, nor plenty of others on Twitter, in demonizing the Tesla CEO or bemoaning the pending takeover.

Instead, he’s arguing that Musk’s plan to take Twitter private is a good thing — but that Musk can do it for a better price.   

Musk, who is notorious for his attacks on the short sellers that targeted Tesla, quickly responded to the Hindenburg report on Twitter. “Interesting,” he tweeted. “Don’t forget to look on the bright side of life sometimes!” 

Hindenburg shot back: “We’re optimists. We think you get this done. Just at a more reasonable price. Your existing $TSLA shareholders will thank you.”

The Hindenburg report argues that both the market and Twitter’s performance have deteriorated substantially since Musk disclosed a formal offer to take the social media company private on April 14. Meanwhile, the debt load to accomplish the deal is extraordinarily high, and the effort is hurting Musk’s other company, Tesla.

Twitter shares have continued to rise within striking range of Musk’s accepted offer…

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