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Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming | May 9, 2022 | Announcements


Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming | May 9, 2022 | Announcements


The Hackers Brief from Cyber Wyoming is sponsored by First Federal Bank & Trust. Be aware of the latest scams in Sheridan, Wyoming and the rest of the nation.  


Fake PayPal Text Reported by Laramie Citizen

If you receive a text saying “(PayPal.com) Your account has been limited. Log in and take the steps requested > http://erawanbikes.com/pay-pal-verify.php” a Laramie citizen wants you to know that it is fake. CyberWyoming Note: When we tried to look up erawanbikes.com to see if it was real and being impersonated, our antivirus software stopped us claiming it was a malicious site.


Amazon Doesn’t Send Invoices Through Gmail

A Sheridan citizen reported an Amazon impersonation email with the subject line of “Your order has been shipped” from a Gmail address spoofed as ‘Purchase Information’. The dead giveaways on the email were the reversal of the day and month, bold type, and odd capitalization. Do not call the number to cancel or modify the fake order.


The Hacker’s Brief is International

A concerned and interested citizen of Albania has started printing the scams seen in his community and reporting them to the CyberWyoming Alliance. These scams are similar to many seen in our community, including

• Dying widow scams that ask for help with charitable investments while quoting the Bible, usually from a Gmail address.


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