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Gmail warning! Tempting email is back and more dangerous than ever

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Gmail warning! Tempting email is back and more dangerous than ever


There’s a new email scam that Gmail, Outlook and users of other messaging providers need to be aware of as it’s incredibly easy to be fooled. The latest trick to arrive into inboxes uses the temptation of a free £50 gift from food delivery service Just Eat to try to fool unsuspecting users into clicking on dangerous links. Anyone duped into thinking they are getting a free meal could find data such as email addresses, passwords and even bank details being handed over to online crooks.

What makes this scam especially scary is that appears to come from an official Just Eat account with the name Just@eat featuring in the address panel.

There’s also the clever use of a countdown timer which can make those who receive it rush to grab the offer without considering the consequences.

This latest scam was spotted by the team at ProPrivacy but it’s not the first time it has reared its ugly head. Email users were targeted by a similar Just Eat scam last year which offered a similar incentive.

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Speaking about the new threat Ray Walsh, Digital Privacy Expert at ProPrivacy, said: “It is vital that consumers across the UK are made aware of a fake £50 Just Eat voucher being used by scammers to lure in victims.

“The current Just Eat scam leverages a countdown timer to apply further pressure on victims and to encourage them to follow the dodgy link and provide their personal information.

“There is…

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