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Friday’s Daily Pulse – Florida Trend


Friday’s Daily Pulse – Florida Trend


Hurricane experts still expect more storms than normal as peak of season approaches

Although tropical storms have been off to slower start this year than anticipated, experts are still calling for the 2022 season to be an above-average year. Both Colorado State University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration called for above-average seasons in their updated August forecasts of what the rest of the season may look like, which ends Nov. 30. So far, 2022 is producing the norm in storm production, three storms by Aug. 4. But meteorologists expect the tropics to start picking up steam as the peak of season approaches, or the time where the most tropical storms are typically observed. More from the Orlando Sentinel and the Miami Herald

Business Beat – Week of August 5th

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Will fight over property insurance roil Florida governor’s race?

Florida’s long-simmering property insurance crisis is reaching a boiling point ahead of a closely watched gubernatorial race that could test the mettle of Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Republican with presidential aspirations. DeSantis is the frontrunner in Florida’s gubernatorial race, but in recent weeks has faced attacks from Democratic challengers, who have sought to persuade primary voters that the incumbent is responsible for the state’s failing property insurance market….

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