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Five things to know to start your Saturday

Ponzi Scheme

Five things to know to start your Saturday


Biden reassures Finland, Sweden of support over NATO decision

Finland and Sweden have been given reassurances by President Joe Biden of the United States of America support over their decision to join NATO or not. This comes after threats by Russia to attack either country should they decide to join the US-backed NATO.

While speaking to the press in Berlin, Germany, Sweden foreign minister Ann Linde said that outside of Russia who have strongly objected to her country joining NATO no other country not even Turkey has objected to it consideration joining the pact.

Today, May 14, 2022, NATO foreign ministers are set to discuss the issue of enlargement considering Sweden and Finland’s appeal to want to join the pact.

The information available to us, reveals that despite denial President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has expressed concern over Sweden and Finland’s consideration to become members of NATO.

Meanwhile, moves are currently ongoing to calm things down between the two superpowers as defence chiefs of US and Russia had their first call since the Russian invasion began. Officials at the defence headquarters told Bloomberg that the conversion was professional and full of mutual respect.

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In an investigation that has been ongoing for some years now, tax officials cut across several countries have through effective collaboration identified more than 50 leads…

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