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Examiner on Celsius Bankruptcy Is All Set to Uncover Truth with Ponzi Allegations

Ponzi Scheme

Examiner on Celsius Bankruptcy Is All Set to Uncover Truth with Ponzi Allegations


In the latest news, the investigating officer of Celsius bankruptcy filing is ready to publish its report, claiming explosive allegations, including a Ponzi scheme. 

The once dominant Celsius Network, hailed as a trailblazer in the crypto lending world, is now facing a shocking downfall. The once-trusted lender is now facing serious allegations of operating a deceptive Ponzi scheme, leaving 1.7 million customers in the lurch. The scheme was simple yet sinister, paying early depositors with money obtained from unsuspecting new users. This betrayal has left many customers feeling helpless and desperate for a solution, and they are now turning to the Southern District of New York for help in getting their hard-earned money back. In the latest news, the much-anticipated report from a court-appointed examiner is set to be released, which will tackle the explosive allegations surrounding bankrupt crypto firm Celsius Network, investigating whether it operated as a Ponzi scheme. This report could bring added scrutiny onto founder Alex Mashinsky, who is already facing fraud allegations.

Celsius Bankruptcy Comes To A Ponzi Scheme

As the drama unfolds around the bankrupt crypto lending platform Celsius Network, the U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn is keeping a close eye on proceedings. In September, Judge Glenn appointed former prosecutor Shoba Pillay as an independent examiner to get to the bottom of the explosive allegations surrounding the company. Pillay has been tasked with…

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