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Dad gave £36,000 lease Volvo to loan sharks as collateral and they shipped it to Poland

Loan Scams

Dad gave £36,000 lease Volvo to loan sharks as collateral and they shipped it to Poland


A man who leased a £36,000 Volvo car gave it to illegal money lenders as collateral on a loan he took out, a court has heard. The Volvo is now missing but is believed to have been shipped to Poland by the loan sharks or their associates.

To try to cover his tracks, Adrian Maciejewski initially told the garage he leased the vehicle from that he could not return it because his brother had it and his sibling was self-isolating with Covid. Swansea Crown Court heard the car scam wasn’t the only way Maciejewski has turned to crime to make money – the dad-of-one has previously harassed a celebrity and demanded money from them, threatening to take his own life if he wasn’t paid.

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Megan Jones, prosecuting, said in November 2019 Maciejewski took out a 12-month lease on a £36,000 Volvo vehicle from Quality Vehicle Hire in Cwmbwrla in Swansea. The defendant made the regular monthly £576 payments but when the garage boss contacted him in November 2021 to arrange for the Volvo’s return the defendant told him he had lent it to his brother who was now self-isolating. The court heard the garage boss – who knows Maciejewski from the car trade – gave the defendant a week’s grace period but when he contacted him again was told that Maciejewski’s brother had driven the Volvo to Poland to see their parents. The prosecutor said the garage boss gave the defendant a week to return the missing Volvo and said otherwise he would…

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