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CT families, beware of potential baby formula scams online, BBB says

Online Scams

CT families, beware of potential baby formula scams online, BBB says


“Online shopping scams are the riskiest,” the BBB said in a news release Thursday. “With the current supply issues on many items, including formula, scammers are watching.”

The out-of-stock rate for infant formula in Connecticut jumped from 23 percent in the first week of March to 48 percent in the first week of May, according to data from Datasembly, a retail tracking company.

As a result, some retailers like Costco, Walgreens and CVS are limiting how much formula people can purchase, the New York Times reported.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it is working with manufacturers to maximize their production.

But in the meantime, this has caused some families to look online for baby formula, and the BBB is urging them to be vigilant of ads and posts on social media.

In a potential scam scenario, the buyer contacts the seller via chat or direct message, the seller sends a photos of the cans and the buyer makes a payment through a peer-to-peer platform like PayPal or Venmo, “but the formula never arrives,” the BBB said.

Signs of a potential scam include misspellings, grammatical errors or other descriptive language that is inconsistent with the product. Potential scams may also not have a brick-and-mortar address, or the address provided shows…

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