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Crypto romance scams steal victims’ life savings


Crypto romance scams steal victims’ life savings


Seth* was almost 30 when he started to date for the first time. He’d married his high school sweetheart just after college and they’d recently opened up their relationship. Excited to check out this whole new world, he hopped on a couple of dating apps and started setting up dates.

One woman, Masha Li, caught his interest right away. She was a beautiful immigrant from Singapore, living in a neighboring town, and they shared many of the same interests. They moved from the dating app to WhatsApp and started exchanging photos, videos, voice messages, and even had an intimate video call that didn’t include their faces.

Seth developed strong feelings pretty quickly and Masha seemed to feel the same. She told him she loved him; they chatted every day; and even tried to meet up in person. About a week into their relationship, Seth asked Masha what some of her hobbies were. She told him she was really into investing in cryptocurrency and he said that was something he’d also been looking into. They quickly moved on to other topics, and Seth didn’t think much about the exchange until Masha brought it up again about a week later. 

At that point, Seth thought: Why not? He’d been considering investing in crypto and here was someone who was willing to guide him through the process. And, a few weeks later, Masha helped him invest $200 on the website bsvglobal.cc. 

That $200 quickly turned into $240 and Seth was thrilled. He withdrew the money, but Masha was pushing…

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