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Crypto Boom Scam Alert : Fake Celebrity Endorsements!


Crypto Boom Scam Alert : Fake Celebrity Endorsements!


(MalaysiaKini) – Speed trading, insider informations, market manipulations. The things that big banks use to make gigantinc profits at the expense of the average Joe. But the things are changing thanks to a fatefull meeting of two men in Dubai.

Mild manners of Jono Armstrong betray the confedence that can come only from a track record of success. And when you look at his biography, you can clearly see he’s been there and have done that, and got much more than a t-shirt for his efforts. His permanent half smile is only matched with a willigness to help his fellow human, and a tendency to put all his knowledge in the services of others.

Across the table from him was Tony Fernandes, a man known for an uncanny sense to jump at an opportunity at the best moment possible. He took over AirAsia when airline operational costs were at a historic low and made them a regional leader of no-frills airlines. He lobbied for the regional Open Skies agreement, and it brought affordable flights for the masses. Tune Hotels soon followed, the revival of the Caterham Group, QPR, and now cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Crypto Boom.

Last week, Armstrong and Fernandes were invited for a live video call on Selamat Pagi Malaysia to discuss their new joint venture, for which they say it can make anyone rich in just 3-4 months. “It was a good interview” opines Fernandes, with Armstrong chirping in “Though it was cut short.” They both invited everyone in Malaysia to join them…

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