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Council tax rebate scam warning as crooks carry out cold calls to get your £150

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Council tax rebate scam warning as crooks carry out cold calls to get your £150


Householders are facing cold calls from crooks to get their hands on £150 energy rebates from the Government, it has been warned. The scammers are trying to get people’s bank details to access their handouts from the Government.

The UK government announced a £150 council tax rebate back in February that will benefit UK households from April. It was done in response to soaring energy bills, reports Hull Live.

Payments handed out by local authorities will be for all households in council tax bands A to D. However councils have warned residents to stay vigilant of the scam.

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Local authorities will never ask for bank details over the phone, they stressed. Every household that uses direct debit as a payment for council tax will get the tax rebate paid straight into their accounts.

Meanwhile, those not paying council tax via direct debt will receive a letter with instructions on how to claim. Anyone who unexpectedly receives a text, email or phone call seeking information or payment should not give out personal information, including bank details, click any links or respond until they can be sure it is genuine, said the Local Government Association (LGA).

If in doubt, householders should find the details online of the organization claiming to be in contact and check with them directly. The pandemic saw a sharp increase in scams, which included promises of a payment from HM Revenue and Customs…

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