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CoinLoan Team Prevents Massive Crypto Scam – Silent PR Bitcoin News

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CoinLoan Team Prevents Massive Crypto Scam – Silent PR Bitcoin News


PRESS RELEASE. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, fraud cases have become frequent lately. News about massive crypto scams hits the headlines virtually every other day. Specifically, Trezor users risked losing control of their wallets were it not for prompt and efficient measures of CoinLoan’s anti-fraud team that prevented the large-scale swindle.

In April 2022, a team member received an email with a link to the latest version of Trezor Suite, but the linked domain was a fraudulent copy of the Trezor website, which raised a red flag. As it turned out, the attached download was intended to steal a seed phrase that unlocks access to users” wallets. The response to this finding was quick, as CoinLoan staff first ensured that the fraudulent IP address and any related domains were disabled and then reported the malware to VirusTotal, a service analyzing files and URLs for viruses and shares them with the security community. The CoinLoan anti-fraud team managed to save hundreds or maybe thousands of Trezor wallet users from losing their funds in such a swift move.

The Trezor team is not to blame for this data breach because hackers wormed out the wallet users’ email addresses via a popular newsletter website. However, this incident has proved that there are never too many security measures. Therefore, the highest level of A bank-grade protection against fraud is a must for both crypto users and the companies they work with.

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