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Center Parcs issues warning to families over online scams offering free holidays

Online Scams

Center Parcs issues warning to families over online scams offering free holidays


Parents are being warned not to fall for online scams offering free holidays at Center Parcs resorts.

Center Parcs UK has put a message on its Facebook site alerting families to fake pages offering free holidays at its venues.

One such page, titled Center Parcs Longleat Forest, purports to be “giving everyone the opportunity to get a Center Parcs holiday for 4” and directs people to a link to enter this scheme. In another post, it said: “We have a 7 night holiday for 4 @ Center Parcs Longleat and we’re giving it to someone who types ‘Done’ by 28th!”

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However, Center Parcs UK itself has said it is not affiliated with this fake page and urges families to look out for a blue tick to check whether a page is genuine. It also points out that they do not have location-specific pages.

On its official page, the firm wrote: “We are in no way affiliated with this fake Facebook page, Center Parcs Longleat Forest (and any others like this) or any of the content (like the competitions) it is publishing. Thank you for contacting us about it (and others like this), it’s so helpful that you’re our ‘eyes’ on Facebook!

“We DO NOT have location-specific pages, our main pages are: Center Parcs UK, Center Parcs Ireland, Center Parcs Careers, Aqua Sana, Aqua Sana Spa Ireland. If you come across a page on Facebook that you think might be fake, please report it by going to the page, tapping…

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