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Boban Marjanovic leads the NBA commercial power rankings

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Boban Marjanovic leads the NBA commercial power rankings


NBA Playoff Commercial Power Rankings

There’s plenty of places you can find power rankings for the NBA playoff teams or players, but today we are focused on one of the most important elements of the post-season: The commercials. Which pitchmen and which commercials reign supreme?

1, Boban Marjanovic

The Mavericks’ backup center has played just a minute and fifteen seconds in the playoffs, but he’s the breakout star of the 2022 playoff commercial season. Previously, Boban had done stellar work promoting Goldfish alongside his best friend Tobias Harris.

But this year, Boban is selling insurance in a series of commercials where he’s chastised Jake from State Farm for leaving rings on the coffee table – “Why do we have coaster if nobody’s gonna use them?” – but shown his softer side in an ad where he helps Trae Young and Jonquel Jones shop for hard-to-reach items at Costco.

It’s a bold new direction for State Farm, who have effectively run out of new things for Chris Paul to do in their ads after a 2020-21 ad season where the theme was “Being in State Farm commercials gave Chris Paul PTSD.” They’ve tried to mix in some Trae Young minutes, to set up the transition of power, but they didn’t expect Boban to dominate on the set like he has. How long until we’re seeing his switched-at-birth twin “Robin” Marjanovic? Bobi is easily…

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