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Bitcoin Daily: Binance Gets Approved in Bahrain

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Bitcoin Daily: Binance Gets Approved in Bahrain


The Central Bank of Bahrain has granted Binance in-principle approval to become a crypto-asset service provider in the kingdom, Binance announced Monday (Dec. 27).

Binance says this came after the company applied for a CBB license to become a fully-regulated, centralized crypto exchange.

Meanwhile, digital marketplace Artentik will put out a non-fungible token (NFT) with a “Holy Thorn from Christ’s Crown of Thorns,” per a press release Monday (Dec. 27).

Artenik is affiliated with the 500-year-old Portugal social enterprise Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa (SCML), and the release touts this as a way to tap into “an event that holds an emotional and spiritual meaning for billions of people.”

Margarida Montenegro, head of Santa Casa’s Culture Direction, said that the idea was to offer people the opportunity to own a piece of history as a collectible.

The release notes that “SCML has accumulated a vast artistic and cultural collection … which is now being converted into NFTs.”

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Further, BNBXMAS, which is a smart contract-based Dapp allowing for cryptocurrency investing, will reportedly have “reliable daily returns” from 7.8% to 17%, according to a Monday (Dec. 27) press release.

The smart contract lets users start with as little as 0.01 BNB to get profits up.

As it rolls out for this Christmas season, BNBXMAS will be built to get as much as possible out of the Binance Smart Chain…

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