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Beware: Facebook scams targeting radio station listeners

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Beware: Facebook scams targeting radio station listeners


Facebook Scammers are targeting radio stations and personalities.

This is how the scam works:

  • The scammer creates a fake station or personality page, stealing logos and photos of the real stations or personalities without their permission
  • The scammer’s fake profile may then post on the real station page about a competition, telling readers to go to their fake page for competition details
  • Or, the fake page contacts people who have posted on the real station or personality’s page and tells them they have won a prize
  • The scam relies on people trusting the station/person and clicking on a bit.ly shortlink or handing over their details so that the scammers can access their accounts or build up enough information to take advantage of them in some other way.
  • The scammers seem to be particularly targeting older audiences

While investigating this scam over the past few weeks, radioinfo has learnt that most Australian radio stations are currently being targeted. Some don’t want to talk too much about it, while others are “shouting from the rooftops” because the threat to their listeners and their reputations is increasing.

Sunshine Coast stations 92.7 MIX FM and 91.9 SEA FM have been hit recently. The station’s Social Media Specialist Lachy Pugsley has told radioinfo:

Over the past month and a half, we have had a total of eight fake profiles that are pretending to be our announcers from both 92.7 MIX FM and 91.9 SEA FM. The fake profiles are:

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