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Bender: Something’s rotten in the state of South Dakota – InForum

Ponzi Scheme

Bender: Something’s rotten in the state of South Dakota – InForum


“With liberty and justice for all.”

Oh were it true. In reality though, the best American justice is reserved for the powerful. Sure, occasionally they’ll convict a guy like Bernie Madoff, but that’s only because he ripped off the rich. None of the mortgage bankers involved in the 2008 Ponzi scheme went to jail, however, because they’d only defrauded “the little people.” It helps if you’re at the upper echelons of government. The obvious example is Donald J. Trump, whose list of misdeeds is longer than a sumo wrestler’s grocery list.

But the latest odor wafting up from the south isn’t from Florida, and it’s not the stench of thawing lagoons. It’s the olfactorius sludge surrounding South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg, who mowed down pedestrian Joe Boever of Highmore, South Dakota, on Sept. 12, 2020.

After slithering free of manslaughter charges — he was cited for using a cellphone while driving, and an illegal lane change, resulting in two $500 fines — Ravnsborg stubbornly clings to office in the face of a June impeachment.

Jason Ravnsborg

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