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Barclays reports surge in scammers targeting customers


Barclays reports surge in scammers targeting customers


Barclays has reported a surge in scammers trying to con its customers out of cash as it warned the public today to remain vigilant to the tricks deployed by fraudsters.

Data from the lender showed a 17 per cent surge in reported scams at the bank over the last three months, with use of ‘purchase’ and ‘investment’ scams – where scammers promise products or returns that do materialise – on the rise.

Polling by the bank also found a 70 per cent increase in suspicious or scam-related activity in the last three months, while almost a third of people said they would not know what to do if they were confronted by fraudsters.

Sian McIntyre, Head of Economic Crime at Barclays UK warned that would-be investors are particularly vulnerable to manipulation from scammers when put under time pressure, promised greater returns on investments, or contacted by what they think is an authority figure. 

“That’s why we want to remind the public to never ignore their concern,” she said.

“If you are ever unsure, take the time you need to respond in the right way. The more we talk about scams, the better equipped we are to stop them.”

Barclays has advised its customers not to be rushed by anyone they believe to be acting suspiciously and not be afraid to be suspicious of offers of returns or products that seem too good to be true.

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