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Ayleen Charlotte From The Tinder Swindler Is Our New Favourite Person

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Ayleen Charlotte From The Tinder Swindler Is Our New Favourite Person


The Tinder Swindler is a must-watch. For entertainment, sure. For education? Absolutely. The 2-hour Netflix documentary detailing the life of convicted fraudster Simon Leviev is a devastating lesson in why never to take a loan out for a man – nor trust one ever, right? Just me?

Of course, it’s easy to say that as a viewer. Watching the show knowing the context, the red flags appear to pop up every 10 seconds. You’re screaming at the screen ‘NO, NOT ANOTHER SHORT-TERM LOAN’ desperate for the merciless defrauding to end before these women lose everything.

That’s probably why some people have chosen to blame the women involved for falling foul of the Tinder Swindler, rather than, you know, the man clearly described as a ‘sophisticated, career fraudster’ – because to viewers watching a show that is framed as a conman expose, it seems like a clear-cut case, a fable told to warn others to stay vigilant.

But that’s the thing, vigilance does nothing when someone is that good at hoodwinking. You might find naivety with one woman’s story, but when you see the sheer amount of people that have fallen for the Tinder Swindler’s scam, you can only conclude that he is a master manipulator.

For one, who would ever assume a poor man would spin a web of lies so drastically as to hire private planes he couldn’t afford just to swindle you? To have his friend beaten to prove he was in danger? To fly to a new destination every day just to keep you guessing? To know this…

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