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Australia Post scam joins AusPost SMS, how to tell – Pickr

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Australia Post scam joins AusPost SMS, how to tell – Pickr


Scammers might have found a new way to be convincing, as a recent AusPost text scam seems to suggest. How do you tell?

It arrived on a Saturday evening, a message to tell us a package hadn’t been delivered. And it came from Australia Post, or at least it seemed to.

The message said it was from “AusPost”, and it was found in the same stream of texts previously found from Australia Post. Except this one was different.

While Australia Post phone alerts almost always direct to the postal service website, this SMS was going somewhere else.

And it seemed legitimate because it came in under the same ID. What’s going on? Have scammers broken into Australia Post?

How is this scam arriving in the same list as real AusPost alerts?

Not quite. Don’t worry, scammers haven’t found a way to bypass Australia Post security.

What’s happened with this evolution of an Australia Post SMS scam is that a scammer has found a text delivery service that is allowing it to use “AusPost” as its sender ID.

Typically, online text services have specific companies blocked out so that scammers can’t use them. They may not be able use “Microsoft” or “Telstra”, because those are off limits, but they can often use variants that are close enough to trick people. In this instance, the scammers appear to have found a service allowing it to use “AusPost”.

When you get a message from Australia Post, it can come from multiple phone numbers, and probably…

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