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Are Online Expat Scams a Real Danger? | Branded Voices

Online Scams

Are Online Expat Scams a Real Danger? | Branded Voices


There are some online scams that are so funny, you can’t help but laugh when you stumble across them. Like the one with the Nigerian prince who’s still waiting to be saved, or when Beyonce didn’t have money for rent so she decided to DM people on social media and ask for money. 

Unfortunately, other scams are better planned to the point that you don’t question even for a second that what you’re looking at is a scam. Knowing examples of some common online scams might save you from a lot of trouble, but what do you do when the scams aren’t that obvious? 

Dealing with them after you’ve been tricked can be a long, and sometimes, unsuccessful process. 

And statistics don’t look good either – 50% of people who experienced fraud on a website lost their money.  

But learning how to identify online expat scams can save you from a lot of problems. What’s more, you can even spread the word and teach others about it so you’ll make the internet a safer place!

How Do You Spot an Online Expat Scam?

Unfortunately, scams put a bit more effort into tricking people nowadays. Everyone can recognize an online expat scam when they land on a weird-looking website with flickery animation and weird texts all over the place. 

However, things changed a bit for the worst in the last decade and so, online scams look professional today. But just because a website looks trustworthy doesn’t mean…

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