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Another 6 Members of Finiko Crypto Pyramid Arrested in Russia – Bitcoin News


Another 6 Members of Finiko Crypto Pyramid Arrested in Russia – Bitcoin News


Russian law enforcement authorities have detained six more members and executives of the notorious crypto Ponzi scheme Finiko. Police in the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia proper have conducted dozens of searches as part of an ongoing investigation into the pyramid, which defrauded investors around the world.

New Arrests in Finiko Case Made in Russian Federation

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the help of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, has taken into custody six participants and leaders of Finiko, Russia’s largest financial pyramid in recent decades. The members of the fraudulent scheme have been active between January 2018 and July 2021 in Tatarstan and other Russian regions, the ministry’s spokesperson Irina Volk told Tass.

Volk explained that they advertised the project to attract investors with promises of extraordinarily high profits in the range of 3 to 5% a day. The fraudsters asked them to convert their fiat money into bitcoin and send it to the crypto wallets controlled by Finiko. Their personal accounts were then credited with “Tsifron,” the platform’s own currency.

In reality, Finiko was never registered as a legal entity in Russia and did not make any investments on behalf of its clients. After some time, it simply stopped paying investors the promised dividends and they were unable to withdraw their funds. The complaints of more than 5,000 people are now part of the materials for the criminal case.


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