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Amushelelo seeks senior advocate in alleged fraud case

Ponzi Scheme

Amushelelo seeks senior advocate in alleged fraud case


Zorena Jantze

LOCAL self-styled forex trader and political activist Michael Amushelelo’s 2019 ongoing court case in which he faces 365 criminal charges after being accused of fraud via running a Ponzi scheme with his co-accused Gregory Cloete has been postponed to 23 June 2022 as the forex traders will hire a senior advocate in the matter.

Legal tensions seem to be increasing for the local activist, who currently has a total of three court cases running simultaneously.

While currently applying for bail on charges of public violence and other counts for attempting to shut down shops in China Town, the activist also has an ongoing case with China Henan International Incorporation group.


NO REST: Michael Amushelelo and Gregory Cloete. Photo: Facebook


China Henan today lodged an urgent application in the High Court seeking a restraining order which prohibits Amushelelo from picketing and continuing with the strike that involves the applicant’s employees.

In the matter in which Amushelelo is being prosecuted on a total of 365 criminal charges, while his co-accused Cloete is charged with 360 of the counts after allegedly defrauding investors of N$14.7 million, Kadhila Amoomo who represents the two accused asked that the matter be postponed for the two men to raise funds to hire a senior advocate.

Amoomo stated that the decision to hire a senior legal counsel is necessitated by the complexity of the case as well as the seriousness of the charges. He however clarified that he…

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