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Amazon fake invoice scam has returned – WSOC TV

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Amazon fake invoice scam has returned – WSOC TV


CHARLOTTE — Action 9 has a warning for Amazon shoppers about a phishing scam that seems to be making the rounds again. The email looks like an Amazon invoice, and it asks you to verify an order you did not place. Your instinct may be to click on it and correct the error, but Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke says you should not fall for it.

Brenda Duffy told Stoogenke she got one of the fake invoices. She says it claimed she ordered almost $2,700 worth of technology on Amazon. It instructed her to click a link or call a number to correct it if it was a mistake.

“And that’s where the scam comes in,” Duffy said.

If you look closely, there are some red flags in the email, such as sloppy formatting. Some of the bolded text doesn’t make sense, and it says “All tax inclusive” instead of “included.”

Duffy says she fell for a scam before, but not this time. “Fool me once, you know. But fool me twice, it’s on me,” she said.

Amazon’s website says: “You might receive emails from Amazon, such as Sold, Ship Now emails or Technical Notification emails. However, sometimes you might receive emails that are not really from Amazon, even if at first glance they may appear to be. Instead, such emails are falsified and attempt to convince you to reveal sensitive account information. These false emails, also called “spoofed” emails or “phishing,” look…

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