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4 Ways To Ensure Your Job Offer Is Not a Scam

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4 Ways To Ensure Your Job Offer Is Not a Scam


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Employment scams use enticing, hard-to-detect approaches to target people who’ve been out of work. Fraudsters know people are most vulnerable when they’re desperate or scared, and they may use crises and pressure tactics to prey on their victims.

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Some scammers take a slow approach with interviews and a legitimate-seeming operation to collect personal information. Other scams promise guaranteed or easy income — if you purchase their program or buy equipment or training. In a twist on the popular overpayment scam, a fake employer sends a large paycheck and asks you to send the “extra” back.

On its Consumer Advice site, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gives some helpful tips on company verifications and job offer validity. As a job seeker, familiarize yourself with these four ways to figure out if your new job offer is a scam and how to avoid fake offers:

1. Research Your Potential Employer

Verify any job posting you find online. Ideally, you should check company websites to verify third-party job posting…

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