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3 True Horrific Happenings in Colorado’s History

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3 True Horrific Happenings in Colorado’s History


(Yellow Scene Magazine) – Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country. Our mountains stand proudly over us like great protectors, awe-inspiring in their majesty. There are fields of green that roll on forever. Waterfalls hide in evergreen forests and the birds seem to sing just a little sweeter. But under the beauty lies a darkness. Colorado is home to some of the strangest, most horrific occurrences in our nation’s history. Murders, hauntings, massacres, acts of pure depravity, these have all happened under the mountains’ gaze. These are three of the most horrific happenings in Colorado’s history to remind you why you should be afraid of the dark.

Cheesman Park is beloved by the people of Denver. When the sun is shining, people flock to it, bringing with them their dogs, frisbees, coolers of beer, the makings of perfect summer days. But when the sun goes down, Cheesman is one of the highest reported places for hauntings in the state. We aren’t here to speak to the existence of ghosts, but there is darkness below that soft grass.

Cheesman wasn’t always a park. It was originally Prospect Hill Cemetery, final resting place for criminals and vagrants and paupers. It operated as such until 1890, when a senator named Henry Teller convinced Congress to let him convert the land into a public park. Family members of the deceased were notified of the coming change and were given a few months to collect the bodies of their loved ones. However, due to the…

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