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🌱 Homeless Take Over At City Council + Pit Fiend To Reopen At Owlbear

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🌱 Homeless Take Over At City Council + Pit Fiend To Reopen At Owlbear


Happy Wednesday, people of Denver! Let’s get you all caught up to start today off on an informed note.

Wednesday’s weather: Clouds and sun; breezy, warm. High: 86 Low: 57.

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Here are the top five stories today in Denver:

  1. Most of the Denver City Council walks out during public comment hearing over homeless camping ban. Homeless advocates refused to give up the podium on Monday night as they spoke on the 10 year anniversary of Denver’s Camping Ban. Only one council member stuck around to hear all the testimony – which caused an hour long delay. (FOX31)
  2. Those happy green summer lawns are likely to fade fast. Did you know that 60 percent of Denver’s summer water use is devoted to outdoor uses? Turns out, that means mostly watering grass. With long-term droughts becoming the new normal in Colorado, the call for change is growing louder. (CBS4)
  3. On the bright side of things: It’s not all doom and gloom for Denver restaurants after the pandemic. The former Owlbear…

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